Connection is key and just as important to the camcorder. Images need to be processed with maximum efficiency, robustness, and security. Today’s professional and broadcast productions also require data to fill the wants and needs of the viewing audience, as well as production and distribution systems in various applications.

JVC CONNECTED Series of professional video products provide feedback and control along the entire work flow chain, which empowers the camera operator, camcorder, and other equipment and personnel to perform at their best. The system can be as simple as a camcorder streaming to Facebook Live through a CDN, as sophisticated as transmitting breaking news live through a bonded, encoded video stream with files progressively being transmitted via FTP to the control center. It can also drive the needs of special vertical markets, such as recording a nationally televised professional sport to share game footage with the opposing team’s coaching sta for their game analysis system. All of these applications and more can be fullfilled with JVC Professional Video’s CONNECTED Series system solutions.

Connected Communication