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Empowerment of Workflow Management

  • Largest park of available 2/3” B4 lenses
  • 3 x CMOS sensors with true 4:4:4 sampling and 16-bit DSP
  • 16-axis color matrix adjustment
  • SMPTE Fiber option:
    • 2x camera and 3x camera base stations
    • 3x 3G-SDI returns (each camera)
    • 150W per camera system via SMPTE fiber
    • 3x 12V 3A outlets per camera for aux equipment
    • Base station: ST2110 output (future upgrade)
  • Advanced Video-over-IP workflow:
    • Up to 20 Mbps video streaming
    • Zixi / SMPTE2022 error correction (QoS)
    • Video streaming ,Video Return, IFB and RCU over IP
    • Built-in 2.4/5 GHz MIMO Wi-Fi
    • Long-range Wi-Fi (optional)
    • Bonded LTE uplink systems (optional)
    • Broadcast decoder with 3G-SDI / HDMI outputs